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As a Kant Business Partner, you can support us in order to bring the great things we have built to more people and businesses. Together we can hand in hand to capture more excellence. You can turn your experience in sectors into revenue with Kant.


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You Just Focus on Your Contacts!

*We provide our business partners with all the information and documents they may need, allowing them to focus only on potential customers.

*We are directly concerned with the problems of our customers without having to worry about our business partners on issues such as service and technical support that customers may need after sales.

*Our business partners only recommend that customers use Kant products effectively.

Your Business Panel Ready

By adding your potential customers as fast and free members you can start to recommend our products!

The Kant Partner account is actively defined immediately after the partner and our representatives have approved the contract and entered their registration information. With this account, they can track customer portfolios, manage their potential customers and view their monthly income through the Kant Partner panel they can access. In this way, as well as keeping track of their work more easily, they are provided quickly and efficiently in the reconciliations over the system.

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