We touch millions of lives with the products
we develop and invest in.

Now the companies we develop and invest in are changing things...

We invest in innovative ideas with our capital or intellectual capital. We equip them with a unique engineering and visionary perspective.


The subject we are most interested in is digitalization. Today, digitalization is perceived as continuing old processes with new tools. For us, digitalization means restructuring and future-proofing processes.


SaaS has changed many industries to date. It will continue to be the best and most effective way to have large platforms at low fees for a long time.

Software Architecture or Framework

We deal a lot with the back of the software. We support architectures and frameworks. We are confident that there is a trust that facilitates the construction of the future.


Every system should serve humanity by replacing it. This way we can move forward. Projects in this field carry us to the future.

Our Ventures


Otelika is a guest interface that digitizes processes in the hospitality industry. It also serves 10,000 rooms worldwide.


Klika is a Qr Menu, Qr Wallet and Payment Application for cafe & restaurants. It is used by 2 million visitors monthly.


Dvina is big data analytics and business intelligence software. It is used by corporate companies. Billions of monthly data are processed and analyzed in the most effective way.


Yoka is a career application that brings employers and employees together using machine learning and allows them to find a job. The development process continues.

Very Soon

We are very excited about every application that will initiate the change.

We don't want to miss out on any ideas we can invest in. If you have an idea or project that fits your interests, let's get in touch.

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